About Us

The Project Management Office (PMO) is part of Strategic Business Operations in Information Technology Services (ITS). The PMO works directly with the other divisions of the ITS to support the management of their respective projects. Acting as an independent resource, the ITS Project Managers provide feedback, training, and support to the project managers and projects across the ITS.

Our Mission

The Project Management Office will support consistent project management practices for the Information Technology Services (ITS), enabling project leaders to successfully deliver their promised value to their customers. The office ensures that effective project management is a core competency of the ITS.

Our Goals

  • Develop and maintain standard project management practices and guidelines for the ITS.
  • Maintain the ITS Projects intranet site where projects are easily listed, updated, and viewed by ITS staff. A common accessible site will foster communications between departments, identify and verify dependencies, and increase awareness of resource commitments.
  • Monitor ITS Projects to verify that communication between project teams and customers is ongoing, relevant, and effective, and that project teams continue to deliver value to their customers despite changes in customer circumstances.
  • Provide ITS coordination with other departments' projects within the university when needed.
  • Provide training and mentoring to current and potential project managers within ITS. A focus will be on management skills that foster collaboration, consensus building, promise management, and value delivery.

The PMO Team

Charlie Spann
Executive Director, ITS SBO
354 Aquia, MSN 1B5
Derek Kan
Senior IT Project Manager, ITS PMO
231A  Aquia, MSN 1D8
John Prette
IT Project Manager, ITS PMO
233A Aquia, MSN 1D8
Umer Shahzad
PMO Application Engineer, ITS PMO
223X Aquia Building, MSN 1B5

Contact Us

If you have a general project management question, please contact us at pmo@gmu.edu.

For ITS personnel, please contact your designated PMO representative.

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